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Lexus Lexus Shadow Rising Sun Proudly Serving the North Orange County area(Anaheim, Yorba Linda, Brea, Orange, Placentia, Fullerton)
Company History Tokyo Automotive was started in 1978 by partners Mas Masuda and Akio Tsuchida. Both had been factory trained technicians for Datsun and Toyota. The two friends worked days at the dealership and nights/weekends as backyard mechanics so they can scrounge up enough funding to open up their own shop in Buena Park, a 4-bay location that still stands today. In 1987, they expanded into the eastern Anaheim area, opening a 7-bay location in the city of Placentia. Learn More
Oil Service No, we are not just like Quicky Lube. We not only change the oil, we check all fluid levels, check the brakes, tire wear, tire pressure, axle boots, for leaks underneath, condition of the shocks, lights, reset your maintenance light, etc. Let's face it - the pimply-faced, minimum-waged, college kid at the 15 min. oil change joint doesn't check all these things when you come in. Quite frankly, he doesn't care or even know how to fix these things. Learn More
Brake Service Did you know that OEM outsources 60% of their parts? This is no exception when it comes to brake pads. We use the same stuff that Toyota, Nissan, and Honda does... that is Akebono, Nissin, and Sumitomo; again, all OE vendors. A typical brake job consists of machining your rotors/discs flat, replacing your worn pads, re-greasing your sliders, and bleeding your brakes. Learn More
30K, 60K, and 90K Service This is your major service intervals. Typically we do the above mentioned services in the oil change and flush all your fluids including your coolant, the tranny fluid, and also drain and fill the differential. It is also at this time we rotate your tires, check shocks/brakes, and if needed replace your air filter, cabin filter, and spark plugs. Learn More
Timing Belt Dealer's will aggressively start selling you a timing belt right around the 60K mark, however today's belts are engineered to last 100K+. With exception of older cars that have been sitting around where the rubber belts become "plastic", 100K is a more than acceptable time to replace the timing belt. Learn More
Repair Starting issues? We'll tell you if it's the battery, starter, key switch, or idle air control unit. Misfire? Yeah we can handle that. Check Engine light? Yes we have the most up-to-date scanners. Some strange noise emanating out of the right rear? Is it a wheel bearing or a shock? We can handle that too. Learn More

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