• Our Car Car Care Class: Lipsticks and Dipsticks

    Posted on 09, October, 2017

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    We did a car care class last spring and we've been meaning to blog about it. Called it Lipsticks and Dipsticks, and as promised the local Mary Kay Lady stopped by and gave out sample sized lipstick. This was mainly geared towards women; of course they being the gender that bears the stereotype oblivious to car care. We had a group of roughly 20 and talked about basic car care and why we check the fluids often, what sort of noises are unusual from a vehicle, what sort of things a mechanic looks for when a vehicle comes in, etc. The important part is we all had fun. This being a Saturday morning we had breakfast type snacks and also coffee. The women seemed really enjoy it, and it seemed that they were less apprehensive to bring a car to a mechanic. Most importantly they all learned something.

    Quick thank you to the Placentia Chamber for helping to promote and organize, BG Petrospecs for the generous product raffle, Karean Wrightson, local realtor and friend for various nick-nacks for the goodie bags, Daniel Anzai local insurance agent and friend also for nick-nacks.

  • Nicole has left the building!

    Posted on 30, August, 2017


    Got so busy we forgot to announce Nicole's arrival last year in July, but she quickly picked up a following of great customers. She's done wonders in keeping our customers happy and uplifting the morale of the shop. Around February, earlier this year she announced she was pregnant, and as her belly got bigger staffers here often found themselves trying cheering her up; LOL. We wish Nicole and her husband Onnie a big congratulations, safe labor for both child and mother, and cross our fingers for her return to work. Threw her a small party on her last day. Balloons under shirt.

    Any notes of congratulations can be sent to the shop. We will forward them to her.

  • Open House X L&D

    Posted on 25, May, 2017

    We're doing it again! ...a "Lipsticks and Dipsticks" style event, but this time we are also doing it with an open house. All are welcome.

    This time because of the scale of what we're doing, the L&D will be a shortened/abbreviated version. The open house though will feature a Food Truck and Beer Vendor ...please don't drink too much. If you do we'll uber you home, or make sure someone sober will drive you home. Dos Chinos Food Truck will be serving up Pork Belly Tacos (my favorite) and other Latin/Asian fusion food, and beer will be provided by Stereo Brewing.