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Timing Belt Replacement

Timing Belt Replacement Cost Information

Dealer's will aggressively start selling you a timing belt right around the 60K mark, unnecessarily increasing your timing belt replacement cost. However, today's belts are engineered to last 100K+, with the exception of older cars that have been sitting around where the rubber belts become "plastic." 100K is a more than acceptable time to replace the timing belt. Now depending on the dealer/garage you go to they might oversell you or undersell you here deliberately. Some places, out of laziness or in hopes of future business, will sell you the timing belt only. Maybe it'll be a year or two later, but your cam and crank seal are bound to leak. Why not do it while you're in there anyways?! The Dealer will typically oversell on timing belt replacement cost, demanding that the tensioners/idlers and water pump be changed. Not at your local Placentia auto repair - Tokyo Automotive. Those items can usually (with some exception) can be skipped at 100K, but need to be done at 200K. We'll be honest in the repair and judge by feel the condition of the tensioner/idler and water pump.