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Placentia Auto Services

  • Oil Service: There are plenty of places that will change your oil, but We not only change your oil, we check all fluid levels, check your brakes, your tire wear, your tire pressure, the axle boots, check for leaks underneath, the condition of the shocks, your lights, reset your maintenance light, etc.   Service.  It’s what you expect.  It’s what we deliver.
  • Brake Service: Did you know that OEM outsources 60% of their parts? This is no exception when it comes to brake pads. We use the same stuff that Toyota, Nissan, and Honda does... that is Akebono, Nissin, and Sumitomo; again, all OE vendors. A typical brake job usually costs around $240-300 (varies according to difficulty) consist of machining your rotors/discs flat, replacing your worn pads, re-greasing your sliders, and bleeding your brakes.
  • 30K, 60K, and 90K Service: This is your major service intervals. Typically we do the above mentioned services in the oil change and flush all your fluids including your coolant, the transmission fluid, and also drain and fill the differential. It is also at this time we rotate your tires, check your shocks andbrakes, and if needed, with your approval, replace your air filter, cabin filter, and spark plugs.
  • Timing Belt: Dealers have a reputation for aggressively starting to sell you a timing belt right around the 60K mark, however today's belts are engineered to last 100K+. With the exception of older cars that have been sitting around where the rubber belts become "plastic", 100K is a more than acceptable time to replace the timing belt. Depending on the dealer/garage you go to they might try to oversell you or undersell you. . Some may try to sell you the Timing belt only knowing (or not) that a year or two later, your cam and crank seal are bound to leak and then they hope you’ll be back. , Then you may hear that your tensioners/idlers and water pump have to be changed. That’s likely not true.  Those items can usually (with some exception) can be skipped at 100K, but need to be done at 200K. With all of these, we'll be honest in the diagnosis and explain, not oversell, what the appropriate repairs your car may need.
  • Check Engine Light Diagnostic: It’s not just a scan test! A proper check of various components will verify its function thus minimizing the costs involved with the repair.
  • Repair: Starting issues? We'll tell you if it's the battery, starter, key switch, or idle air control unit. Misfire? Yeah we can handle that. Check Engine light? Yes we have the most up-to-date scanners. Some strange noise emanating out of the right rear? Is it a wheel bearing or a shock? We can handle that too.
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