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I joined yelp just to rate this place. Honest people, family owned, happy looking employees and a nice atmosphere. The owner told me to buy a new car rather than spend money on some monstrous repairs - he felt bad, but I really just appreciated the honesty! Most places would have taken the car for the money and not warned me that any fix would be both expensive and temporary.


I found Tokyo Automotive Repair while doing a search on Yelp for and independent Toyota repair shop. I read all the reviews and told myself I would need to pay them a visit to have my truck serviced. I took my Toyota 4Runner SR5 with that had CEL. "Check Engine Light" on.I was greeted by Tatsu and I explained that my CEL was on. He told me that I would have to leave the car for a couple of hours so they can diagnose the problem. So I had my wife pick me up. To my surprise, I didn't even know that I pass their shop everyday on my way to work. So it's conveniently located to me. As soon as I got home I received a call from Tatsu explaining to me what the problem was and how much it was going to cost. He also mentioned that he was going to clean up the throttle body due to some carbon buildup. I said OK great.I picked up my car around 2:45 pm and drove it home without a hitch so far. I will need to drive the truck for about 50 miles before I get my "smog check" done to get some data loaded to the ECU, otherwise it would fail smog because Tatsu did a reset on the ECU.Overall, my experience there is good. I will most likely go back for future repairs. They are one of those shops that is not fancy with any luxurious waiting area and Starbucks coffee but gets your repairs done.That's all I need. Address the issue and if price is reasonable I will get it fixed. No questions asked.I would recommend Tokyo Automotive Repair for those people who want their vehicles done right the first time...Established in 1978 so they must be doing something right!!!


My parents have been going here for over three decades; either way, longer than I've been on the face of the earth, actually. As far as they can remember, Aki's been our family mechanic since the shop opened in 1978. The work done on all of our family cars has always been pristine, and that's why we continue to come here. Aki isn't a man of many words, but the whole actions-over-words thing applies to him in spades. Case in point: my dad's one-owner 1986 Toyota Camry. He bought it new in 1986, and 210,000 miles later it's still running like new. The shop has never charged for things the car didn't need, and the only major replacement it's had in that time was a radiator. Second case: my two-owner 1995 S14 is still running after 217,000 painful miles, which I mainly accredit to Tokyo Automotive. They've diagnosed all of her problems quickly, and fixed them all in the fastest manner possible. Still on the original motor and transmission, which most cars can't brag of after going 217,000 miles!As for his son Tatsu, if you want your car tuned, he's your guy. My battered decrepit 1995 S14 won't ever be tuned thanks to her ridiculous miles of wear and tear, but some truly amazing cars have been through the shop. Tatsu himself is building an AE86 with a F-series S2000 block in it; if you're into Japanese "tuner" cars, that should mean something big to you. If not, it's a pretty impressive feat. I've seen project cars from Sport Compact Car, Import Tuner, and GT Channel in the shop a few times, which should testify yet again to the quality of work performed.Summary: five stars to the best of the best. In an age where mom-and-pop businesses seem to be disappearing, this is the cream of crop in the automotive field. If you want the best service for the best prices, come here. Take it from someone whose family has two cars over 200,000 miles with no major rebuilds: Tokyo Automotive is the best.


I have a 22 year old car that is serviced exclusively by Tokyo Automotive Repair. This AW11 Toyota MR2 was my childhood dream car, and while I have only owned this car for the past year and a half, TAR has done all the major servicing and updates and oil changes and it continues to run great! Today I had an oil change done and the owner chided me for letting the oil run so low. He showed me how much oil came out and how much oil SHOULD be in the engine. The pricing is very reasonable, they are experts, and I recommend them to all my friends and family!


Honest. he knows what he's doing.I brought my car to be inspected and oil change. He answered all my questions and I sensed that he knew a lot about cars and was honest. Altough he wasn't all that friendly, I did not mind. Now he has another regular customer.

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