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Placentia Oil Change

No, we are not just like a Quicky Lube. And its not an oil change, it's an oil service. The difference is the person working on your vehicle. the level of training he/she's gone through, and what they see as they do the oil service.

Courtesy Vehicle Inspection

At your Placentia oil change station - Tokyo Automotive, you will receive a basic complimentary vehicle inspection. We not only change the oil, we check:

  • All fluid levels
  • Check the brakes
  • Tire wear
  • Tire pressure
  • Axle boots
  • Leaks underneath
  • Basic Safety Inspection
  • Lights
  • Reset your maintenance light

Let's face it - the pimply-faced, minimum-waged, college kid at the 15 min. oil change joint doesn't check all these things when you come in. Quite frankly, he doesn't care or even know how to fix these things.

Tokyo Special

For a little extra we also do a level 2 oil service, our Tokyo Special. Comes with a more in depth inspection, a written report, and also a test drive. Some of our customers do the T.S. every time, some do it every other time, but at the very least we would want our customers to have a full inspection once a year. The T.S. is a very versitle service. It can be used as a basis for a pre-purchase inspection, a 30/60/90K service, etc.

Oil Change = Saved Money

We're a full service shop, but also a registered Placentia oil service station. With regular oil changes, your important engine parts stay lubricated and guarded against too much heat and friction. When you skip an oil change or two, the oil begins to get dark, break down, thicken, and is less effective in protecting your engine from wear. Would you rather pay for an oil change or an engine overhaul? Don't risk it. Come to our Placentia oil change station and we will help you a quality oil change and service.