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Akio Tsuchida

Co-Founder, President: Akio (Aki for short) Tsuchida is the epitome of the American dream. He’s been working on Toyotas since high school where he attended Jidosha Seibikunrensha, in his native Ishikawa, Japan. Literally translated means school for the automotive trade. Upon graduating he went to work for Ishikawa Toyopet where he met his boss and mentor, Osamu Fujimura, who sold him on the American Dream. After seven years working for him, he saved enough to buy his plane ticket to America. In an era when the Yen’s value, 360 Yen was a dollar, young Aki soon found that his hard earned Yen was only worth $500. The $500 didn’t last long as he was soon hustled out of it from a smooth talking stranger. Tired, hungry, and broke Aki went to work for an independent garage in Gardena, which ended up being a slave driver boss. The years at Japan Auto wouldn’t be in vein though, this is where he met his future partner Mas Masuda. Enduring two years of hard labor, friends came to his aide and connected him people at Toyota Corporate, who promptly gave him a job at Carson Toyota. While working at Carson Aki and Mas would work nights and weekends on friend’s cars in Aki’s back yard, finally scrounging up enough to open Tokyo Automotive in 1978; the Buena Park Location that still stands today.

Tatsu Tsuchida

VP of operations: Tatsunori (Tatsu for short) Tsuchida, son of Aki. Some say that Tatsu was doomed from the start, to love cars and to be in the car industry. But a lot of things had to happen in order for him to become a true heir to the legacy that Aki leaves in his wake. Tatsu spent his teenage years always questioning his love of cars and at some points even hated it. But on his 19th birthday Aki buys his son a 1994 Honda Accord Coupe. It was 1996, and the Sport Compact Car craze was in full swing. Soon Tatsu found himself putting many “enhancements” onto his beloved car, fully engulfing himself into the tuner car culture that was prevalent in the late nineties. In 1998, he meets Victor Bernabe, a former high school classmate, future best friend, and future employee at Tokyo Auto. Vic, with the help of many others helped Tatsu get his love of cars to a fever pitch. The two were often found after hours at Tokyo Auto “Souping Up” their rides. A few more years and a chance meeting at a coffee house would occur. That chance meeting was with an automotive journalist named Jared Holestein. Jared would often employ Tatsu on magazine jobs because of his knowledge of cars and Japanese. From Jared, Tatsu would learn that the love of cars is beyond wrenching, and Tatsu’s love of his father’s garage grew beyond being a wrench. One could say that Vic and Jared both inspired something within Tatsu.

Nichole Rael

Service Writer/Shop Manager: Nicole & Tatsu have been friends since 2011 when they met in an automotive electrical class at Cypress College and have kept in touch since. Not just a girl that happened to be in the class, everyone in the class was impressed with how passionate she was about automotive and how she tackled difficult technical tasks, a trait obviously not often found in many women. She would go on to work at O'Reilly Auto Parts, FR Sport, and more recently the service counter at Capistrano Toyota. Although her technical skills are impressive, her people skills are even more so.

Kimiko Tsuchida

Shop Mom: It’d be hard to imagine a Tokyo Automotive without its matriarch Kimiko Tsuchida. Mom can be found doing paperwork, book-keeping, bringing lunch for “the boys”, or cleaning the office area. Jack of all trades, she is the glue that holds Tokyo Automotive together.


Albert, Our Lexus/Toyota Master tech


Dick, Our 75 year old master tech

Malo Tsuchida

Shop Dog: Malo Tsuchida is Tatsu and his wife, Miwako’s dog. As shiba-inus go black and tan is a rare color. You can often find Malo chasing after a tennis ball thrown by one of our staffers. Like most Shibas 95% of the time Malo is a happy-go-lucky dog. Sometimes he’s grumpy. So let him sniff you first; make sure he likes you and that he’s in a good mood.

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