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The Dream Car

Here at Tokyo Automotive, we pride ourselves on getting you to your daughter's soccer game, getting you to work on time, and allowing you to have the freedom to go up to Mammoth for your ski vacation. But we also love sports cars. I myself tinker with tuner cars as a hobby; although lately with kids and work I rarely have time for that. I do however from time to time find myself at car meets.

So every once in while we get a car in the shop that pulls at our heartstrings. One such example is this largely unmolested 1971 240Z and I might have let it go out the door and not done this blog hadn't it been for the great story that comes with it. Jeff, a eye doctor by trade, was an original owner of a similar 1971 240Z. Years later his teenage son, in an effort to avoid an animal in the middle of road, would swerve and get into a horrible wreck with it which split the car in two right down the back middle. The two teenagers walked away with only minor cuts and bruises. While the officer on scene kept saying that they'd have to pay for the tree that they damaged. Excuse me officer aren't the kids more important?

Years later, roughly twenty, his now grown up son bought him this (pictured) black 240Z for father's day, with all the options that Jeff's old S30 Z had. What a great son! 

Looking at this vehicle, there's not a single item on it that doesn't work correctly. The paint although not perfect is as if it's always been garaged and driven only on the weekends. According to Jeff the 97K on it's original miles and the odometer hasn't turned over just yet; remember old odometers had only five digits. The mileage is a little high but the overall condition is amazing. The dash isn't cracked or faded, and the seats are not tattered. What a fine vehicle and a great story. Thanks for the time Jeff

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