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North County is "Turning Japanese"

North County is "Turning Japanese"

If you've ever spent any time at my shop or with me you know that I am very much a foodie. Tokyo Automotive is as much about cars as it is about culture. I share with you my favorite places to eat (Japanese or otherwise), and you guys often tell me of your latest food adventures. You often get asked what are the Japanese restaurants in the neighborhood.

So, we'll start with Maguroya, a long standing Sushi restaurant in our neighborhood. Kaz the owner is a bit of a one man show, but has been making quality sushi for as long as I remember. This is old school Japanese Sushi ...and not the fusion stuff, nor is it heavily sauced stuff that you often see at the "fake" establishments. Please don't make your sushi swim in a bath of soy sauce and wasabi. The best way to enjoy sushi is not to douse it in that, but rather to lightly dip it in soy sauce and wasabi, so you get the essence of the fish. Sushi here is so fresh that you need not make it swim in that black stuff.

Second on my list is "What's up men". Men is the Japanese word for Noodle. When I first heard the name of the shop I was honestly skeptical if it was legit or not. It almost sounded like a gay bar! ...no offense to my gay friends. But, once I got inside tasted the noodles I realized it was a mere play on words. But, I've never tasted Japanese Ramen this good this side of the ocean. It's just as good as the stuff I had in Japan.

The newcomer in our neighborhood is Tokyo Central, the Japanese Supermarket. Shocked was I when I found out that the old Yorba Linda Bowling facility was going to be the home of a Tokyo Central. We Japanese up in North Orange County had to go all the way to Costa Mesa (the O.C. mecca for Japanese) for anything like this. Which isn't that far away, but far enough to become a chore. Don't get me wrong, I love going to Costa Mesa, but I love the fact that a three minute drive from my house we have a Japanese Supermarket. By the way, if you come to my shop right now I bought matcha/green tea pocky for guests to take home. In case you are wondering what that car is inside the grocery store, it's a Diahatsu Midget MP5.

Next time when I get a chance, I'll tell you what my favorite places are that are little more out of the way.

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