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How to Choose the Best Radiator Repair Shop for Your Japanese Car

Americans love Japanese cars, and they are high-quality vehicles, leading brands in the USA include Toyota, Honda, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru, Suzuki, Scion, Acura, Infiniti Isuzu, and Mitsubishi.

As good as these cars are, they are not immune to radiator problems.

This is why having a radiator repair shop that can help maintain and repair your Japanese cars’ cooling system is essential when radiator issues strike.

It’s a familiar sight, especially during the summer season. You are driving along the highway, and you notice a vehicle parked on the side of the road with the hood popped up, and steam of white smoke is rising from the engine.

You know right away that the car has problems with its cooling system.

The Top Radiator Repair Problems

Your radiator is a vital component of your engine’s cooling system. It ensures that the boiling radiator fluid coming from the motor is cooled down before it’s recirculated back into the system.


As a responsible car owner, you should never overlook common radiator problems that you may encounter at some point in your car’s lifespan.

Busted Thermostat

A common issue with your car’s cooling system is the failure of your thermostat. This device regulates the flow of coolant through and from your radiator. 


A car’s engine has an operating temperature of at least 200 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostat prevents the flow of coolant into the engine until the temperature is warm enough for optimal operation.

When your thermostat is not working, the valve opening remains closed or partially open, which leads to the reduction of coolant flowing into your engine.

This can lead to engine overheating and severe damage if your thermostat is not replaced.

In some cases, the valve can be stuck fully open, and your main problem will not be overheating. Your engine will have a hard time reaching the right operating temperature, which results in poor fuel economy.

Whatever your issue may be, replacing the thermostat should be done by your trusted radiator repair shop.

Radiator Hose Leaks

The radiator is not connected physically to your car’s engine. The coolant travels through radiator hoses, which flow from the radiator to the engine and vice versa.


These rubber hoses are subject to normal wear and tear. Once they reach their maximum lifespan, they will begin to become brittle and crack.

Leaks start to appear, which should be addressed to avoid more significant problems in the future.

You should also check on your radiator clamps and fasteners if they need replacement as well. A reliable radiator repair shop can fix this problem in a jiffy.

Blockage in Your Cooling System

A car’s cooling system is a closed system, which means that anything can happen anywhere within the closed circuit.


Deposits can block passageways, which can result in the reduction of coolant circulating in your cooling system.

This can lead to frequent engine overheating, which can result in severe engine damage if not fixed quickly.

One of your hoses or tubes can get kinked, which also leads to less coolant flowing in the system.

A radiator repair shop can flush your system to remove the blockage and help replace kinked hoses and tubes.

Radiator Leaks

Most radiators are made of metal, which leads to the most common reason for radiator leaks: corrosion.


Not using the prescribed engine coolant for your system can cause parts to be destroyed. The same is true when you use the right coolant but mix it with tap water instead of distilled water.

Tap water contains minerals that can lead to oxidation, which forms rust as a result. Once rust forms in your radiator, the system is already compromised.

An expert radiator repair shop can patch up a leak or, in worst cases, replace your radiator if patching is not possible anymore.

Air in Your Cooling System

There are cases where trapped air is circulating in your cooling system along with your liquid coolant. 


If you experience engine overheating during start-up, then you may have air in your cooling system.  

Air can get inside your system if your radiator lid is always open or if your cap is severely worn out. 

Go to your radiator repair shop and ask them to bleed your cooling system to get the air out. 

Broken Water Pump

Your water pump is responsible for pushing the coolant into the system at a constant rate. It can be compared to the human heart as it pumps blood to the rest of our body.


Once the water pump stops, severe engine damage can happen. Pump failure can occur due to dirty or incompatible coolant. There can also be problems with seals and gaskets or incorrect installation of the water pump. Drive belt system, bearings, and shaft issues can also cause failure.

Replacement is your only option when you encounter a broken water pump.

Broken Radiator Fan

Another common issue in your car’s cooling system is the failure of the radiator fan. The role of the fan is to draw air through your radiator so that cooling can take place during idle or low speeds.


Electrical issues usually cause fan failures. In the worst cases, fan replacement is needed to fix the problem.

A good radiator repair shop can help you find the best solution in this situation. 

Tokyo Automotive is Your Expert Radiator Repair Shop in Placentia

If you are looking for the best radiator repair shop in Placentia, Tokyo Automotive Repair is happy to serve your needs.



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Japanese brands are our passion and expertise.

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